After Hurricane Harvey swept through Houston, we came face to face with an emergency that over 500,000 people are facing. We’ve designed a method to solve that problem.

  • Affordable
  • Hurricane-Rated Construction
  • Rapid Deployment Homes

We believe we need to make friends with the water, not fight the water. We believe in more resilient homes. If you or your loved ones have suffered extensive damage, please fill out the form below.  Let us Welcome You Home. We are Houston Strong.  

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Built to Last


Our homes are not temporary solutions. Homes are exceptional quality. They are precisely engineered and include sustainable materials for construction. They are built to weather the storm.

Precise Engineering. Stronger

  • Hurricane Rated 
  • Precise Engineering in controlled environment

Rapid Deployment

home again.jpg

Get back home fast. Our homes are designed for quick turnaround, so you can be in your new home much faster than a typical stick built house.

Rapid Deployment. Affordable

  • Fast Assembly with trained teams
  • Our Methodology streamlines the process
  • We save you money

21st Century Innovative Designs 


Customizable.  2 bdrm., 3 bdrm and 4 bdrm homes, so you can build as big or small of a home as you need to support your lifestyle and your budget. 

Resilient. Sustainable

  • Green spaces available
  • Water filtration systems options
  • Net zero energy models

Bruce added extra hurricane resistance features to our house & we're so fortunate our house didn't flood” — John W.
“My home survived hurricane Harvey with no issues.” — Eric C.